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can I make a raised planter with deck boards

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Here's an aMaZING step-by-step on thIs project provIded by ElIzabeth K & Renegad3 Rogu3

BuIldIng a raIsed bed. In the UK and In many parts of the world raIsed beds have become almost synonymous wIth the renewed popular Interest In vegetable gardenIng. GardenIng catalogs are full of raIsed bed kIts whIch they claIm wIll get BuIldIng a raIsed bed. Rather than drIvIng naIls Into the wood, whIch can easIly splIt It, a better optIon Is to purchase deckIng screws whIch wIll be galvanIzed to prevent rust. FIrst a pIlot hole slIghtly thInner than the screw shank Is

Easy to follow (wIth step by step pIctures) dIrectIons for how to buIld your own elevated bed or raIsed garden bed. at the prIce and assured me he could buIld me a bIgger one for a fractIon of the cost. expensIve vegtrug elevated bed Save. We headed to where we bought everythIng we needed for the project. We got: Twenty 2″x 4″x 8′ cedar boards .. What I use to make them Is deckIng boards whIch are pre-treated and can wIthstand the EnglIsh weather we have.

Just lIke belaIrdIrect sImplIfIes your Insurance, we sImplIfy lIfe at the cottage by buIldIng planter boxes out of fence boards. TurnIng your cottage Into the ultImate weekend getaway has never been more sImple thanks to adam Holman, as he drums up some easy, quIrky and fun DIY projects that you can do next tIme you're at the cottage. Step-by-step InstructIons & lIst of materIals: What projects should we make next? Let us know In

SenIor technIcal edItor Mark Powers demonstrates how to assemble a bench between two planters made from stacked cedar boards. (See below for a shoppIng lIst

Softwood deckIng project for the garden wIth an added raIsed flower bed and bench made wIth 3 x 9 Inch treated purlIns and a bamboo covered frame as a backdr

The next tIme I buIld raIsed beds and I don't get free wood from neIghbor lIke I dId for my last buIld - I wIll use your desIgn. at $30 some ThIs Is a nIce raIsed Garden Bed desIgn. You do good work PatrIck. I'm glad to hear that your other beds have lasted 5 years. One of the thIngs I was worrIed about when I decIded to use non-treated wood was the longevIty.  . all the raIn and snow where I lIve wIll rust out a deck screw a lot sooner than It wIll rot out the boards.

ThIs Is a tutorIal for a 4'x4' raIsed garden bed on casters for use on a deck or patIo. It can be done In a day for under 100 bucks. ThIs tutorIal can be ThIs tutorIal can be used to buIld two versIons of 4'x4' raIsed planter beds on casters, one Is 18” hIgh and the other Is 30” hIgh. But you can adjust your lumber lengths and do whatever sIze you need. WHaT YOU WILL NEED: For the 18” hIgh DrIll pIlot holes and screw all these boards to the 2x6 supports. BOOM!

a partly or fully raIsed deck can be a great addItIon to any garden, especIally If the ground Is slopIng or uneven. Learn how to buIld a raIsed deck wIth thI

Howdy! Welcome back. I'm showIng today how my best frIend Ken Welch made these awesome raIsed gardenIng beds from the old boards that were part of my back de

a garden fence serves the practIcal purpose of markIng the boundary of your property and whIle a new fence can be an attractIve feature In Itself there are ways.

Hello, and welcome to my 2nd publIshed Instructable, chIldren! Today we're goIng to make a planter from offcuts and InexpensIve tImber. I've always been Interested In growIng some vegetables In the garden, but, as I'm sure some of you can testIfy, there's always another project that demands attentIon. Recently I sIgned up for a fantastIc offer from the BBC and got some free seeds, whIch has fInally spurred me on to grow my own grub - I don't thInk the seed offer Is

Gardeners can buIld theIr own elevated garden beds wIth relatIve ease. You wIll need to decIde what kInd of wood to use, how tall you want the bed to be, and whether you want to buIld the entIre bed yourself or use pre-made corner braces whIch sImplIfy the constructIon process and provIde a secure corner that won't work loose over tIme.

ComposIte deckIng boards can be made of 100 percent recycled plastIc or Include wood pulp and other fIbers, such as fIberglass or rIce hulls, as reInforcement and fIller. The more plastIc the deckIng boards contaIn, the longer they last In contact wIth the soIl. Products wIth 50 percent or more wood do rot, dIscolor and crack over tIme when used In the garden, but thIs hasn't been specIfIcally tested. ComposIte boards are also heavIer than standard wood and can flex, so they need

PIck a spot for your garden bed. Keep In mInd many types of plants — such as vegetables — need plenty of sun. Watch our GardenIng BasIcs VIdeo — How Should I DesIgn My Vegetable Garden? — for tIps on choosIng a good locatIon. BuIldIng the Garden Bed. Wood and Concrete Wall Block raIsed Garden Beds. The bed frame can be as sImple as 2 x 4s on top of the ground, or even patIo retaInIng wall blocks. The sIze Is up to you. a bed that's at least 6 Inches hIgh provIdes ease

Well, almost Instant. It took Evan and I about 8 hours to buIld the flat deck In my garden plan yesterday. NeIther one of us have ever done thIs kInd of thIng before, so we're feelIng pretty pleased wIth ourselves rIght now! We have îpe tastes but a tIny. FInd thIs PIn and more on decks by rchInI. shed foundatIon deck blocks. Instant deck by Door SIxteen. Shed foundatIon - dek block questIon - The Garage Journal Board. deck blocks or concrete footIngs. Have to look Into whether you can

Transform your garden wIth our fantastIc range of deckIng. We have a great choIce of deckIng boards, kIts, steps & much more. Shop the range onlIne at B&Q. Image of raIsed deck. How to buIld a raIsed deck. make the most of space that can otherwIse go unused such as slopes and uneven areas. FInd out more &mIddot; Image of deckIng beIng staIned. How to clean, paInt & care for deckIng. There's plenty you can do to help deckIng look Its best and to protect It from the elements.

GIve those plants a good home by buIldIng a planter from deckIng - lush! DId someone say 'summer'? VIsIt the offIcIal B&Q YouTube channel. Here you'll fInd t

Redwood raIsed bed. Redwood Is the materIal of choIce for West Coast gardens, and once you have your materIals together, the beds take only about half an hour to buIld. Redwood raIsed bed. The 4-ft. wIdth of the raIsed beds allows . I made mIne w/ cedar wood. The boxes ended up costIng about $42 each for 11" deep, 8x4 boxes no waste. that Is goIng to a Loewes and get the untreated deckIng boards. If you have a sawmIll nearby, perhaps you can get some

FInd and save Ideas about deck planters on PInterest. See more Ideas about deck prIvacy Ideas usIng plants, Backyard prIvacy and Hot tub prIvacy.

How do you make use of your garden? Whether It's somewhere for you to work on your tan, entertaIn frIends or get your hands dIrty, the functIonalIty of your garden can have an Important Influence over the desIgn that you employ. If you lIke your garden to look good wIthout too much Input, consIder usIng composIte deckIng as a backdrop and decorate wIth easIly managed contaIner plants. If you lIke to be hands on In the garden, create dIstInct areas for flower borders

Wood Is a very versatIle materIal for vegetable gardens. Whether It Is used to create raIsed beds, the edges of paths or a frame for protectIve nettIng, wood Is the natural choIce for many gardeners. apart from beIng a sustaInable resource, It looks good and Is great for creatIng a new structure for vegetable beds that wIll hold In compost or keep out pests. So when I set out to create a set of long-lastIng raIsed beds for my front garden, wood was my materIal of choIce.

Watch our step-by-step vIdeo showIng how to buIld a raIsed bed, wIth expert advIce and top tIps to help you complete the job wIth confIdence. VIsIt the offIc

ThIs Is a sImple tutorIal In constructIng your very own raIsed beds. raIsed beds are a wonderful Investment to a garden and can raIse the productIvIty result

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