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in 1992, when I was still in second year of law school at the University of Toronto. I walked into Rick Salter's office. It was supposed to be a 20-minute interview for a summer position. Twenty-one years have passed and I have never left. I have never wanted to leave. I could never imagine another law firm that would provide such a rich, creative and supportive work environment. From the very first day. Rick and Art mentored, supported and encouraged me in my wish to work in the.

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She also briefly traces the dispersal of her own ancestors from Mardu tribal Territories in the Northwest of the state to the government depots and cattle farms near Jigalong where some were employed as labourers and domestic servants. Molly, Pilkington's mother, was the first child of mixed race parentage born to Aborigines in Jigalong. Her father was one of the inspectors employed to help maintain the rabbit proof fence. By the end of the nineteenth century, having

NWT Housing Corporation (information Item). Public Works and Services. Transportation. 81. Appendices. Appendix A - Glossary. 90. Appendix B - Capital Planning Process. 91. Northwest Territories Map. 92. Table of Contents The 2016-17 Capital Estimates are a summary of infrastructure projects which the Government of the Northwest. Territories The Office of the Chief information Officer (OCIO) serves as the GNWT's senior authority on corporate activities.

Bear-proof food lockers are provided for people, like cycle tourers, who don't have a vehicle to store bear-attractants in. (Submitted by Scott Gilbert/Yukon College). "Bears have always been frequent in that area. It's an important movement area," he said, noting that bears like to move along the Kluane lakeshore and feed in the Congdon creek fan. Gilbert worked with Yukon Parks to re-establish a tenting area. They set up an electric fence with room for about eight

THE CITY OF YELLOWKNIFE. Northwest Territories. CONSOLIDATION OF ZONinG BY-LAW NO. 4404. Adopted December 15, 2008. AS AMENDED BY. By-law No. 4510 July 27, 2009. By-law No. 4740 November 12, 2013. By-law No. 4516 September 14, 2009. By-law No. 4741 November 12, 2013. By-law No. 4517 July 27, 2009. By-law No. 4754 November 25, 2013. By-law No. 4520 September 14, 2009. By-law No. 4758 November 25

kNK5 Z?m1Z. Government of Nunavut. Nunavut Kavamanga. Gouvernement du Nunavut. Good Building Practices. Guideline. Second Edition. December 2005 .. The authority having. Jurisdiction is the Office of the Fire Marshal. The Office of the Fire Marshal is a Division of the GN Department of Community and Government Services and is located in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The Office of the Fire Marshal .. windows, and provide easy access to the building roof by unauthorized persons.

Powers and duties of safety officers. 9 (1). Non-compliance with Act or regulations. (2). Right to enter premises. (3). Certificate of authority. (4). Duty to assist safety officer. (5). Obstruction of safety officer. 10 (1). False or misleading statements. (2).

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for up to six months after they leave the nest. Hawks will return to the same breeding territory for several years, thus staying together as a pair. If one of the pair dies, another hawk will acquire the mate and territory. While Washington does have year- round hawk residents, some spend the winter months in warmer regions of the. Pacific Northwest or further south. Spring migration begins in February and lasts until mid-March; fall movement begins in late August and ends in late October.

The Darling Downs Moreton Rabbit Board maintains 555 km of Rabbit proof fence, which runs from Mt Gipps (near Rathdowney) to Goombi (between Chinchilla and Miles), where it joins up with the Wild Dog Barrier fence. Travel along the rabbit-proof fence is not permitted without prior authority from the Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board and each individual landholder. The Board's role is to maintain the fence in rabbit proof condition and to monitor compliance with the Land

That means that someone can be sued and found liable for trespassing even if there is no proof of damage. in a trespass case, Every province in Canada has trespass legislation, such as Ontario's Trespass to Property Act. Only the Territories rely on the common law. in some The law, in most cases, does not take away an owner's or tenant's right to sue for trespass, but usually grants the government the authority to seek its own sanctions as a way to control this sort of behaviour.

Following protracted negotiations, the city purchased the Chavez Ravine property back from the Federal Housing authority at a drastically reduced price, with the stipulation that the land be used for a public purpose. It was not until June 3, 1958, when Los Angeles voters approved a "Taxpayers Committee for Yes on Baseball" referendum, that the Dodgers were able to acquire 352 acres (1.42 km<sup>2</sup>) of Chavez Ravine from the city. While Dodger Stadium was under construction, the

From her vantage point "away up here" on the roof of her house, as she hammers on new shingles with her silver hammer, Pelajia Patchnose, the Rez Sister with the clearest vision and the widest perspective, can see "half of Manitoulin Island on a clear day." She can see signs of fecund family life behind Marie-Adele's white picket fence, and signs of negligence and irresponsibility in the garbage heap behind Big Joey's "dumpy little house"(2). Beyond the reservation, she can just

The extension and upgrade of the WA State Barrier fence / A barrier to common sense. 1. Don't fence them in. . A barrier to common sense. The extension and upgrade of the WA State Barrier fence .. The State Barrier fence, historically known as the Rabbit-proof fence, currently stretches about 1, 170 km, between the Pilbara and Ravensthorpe. . north-west of Esperance, a number of farmers holding more recently allocated lands (up to 1982) adjoining the proposed fence

ABORIGinAL RIGHTS : The special rights of native people that arise out of their ABORIGinAL use and occupancy of territory. .. The Imperial government through its colonial secretary, was responsible for the administration of indian Affairs in Upper and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec) up to at least 1860, and retained authority to pass laws concerning indian Affairs up . Land titles offices ae administered by the provinces or, in the NWT and Yukon, by the federal government.

It serves for Israeli takeover of almost 10% of the West Bank, to minimize the number of Palestinians living in the confines of the area between the barrier and the Green Line [the boundary between Israel's sovereign territory and the West For the most part, when applications were denied, the grounds cited were either alleged lack of security clearance or not meeting the standard of proof set by the Israeli authorities for the applicant's ownership of the land or the

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in this section, different stories from all over the country from the Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar by Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips are presented.

Because it was unusually low to the playing field, the air-inflated dome occasionally figured into game action during baseball games. Major League Baseball had specific ground rules for the Metrodome. Any ball which struck the Dome roof, or objects hanging from it, remained in play; if it landed in foul territory it became a foul ball, if it landed in fair territory it became a fair ball. Any ball which became caught in the roof over fair ground was a ground rule double. That has only happened

Rabbit-Proof fence” as an example of how Australian Aborigines were treated by the British colonial power - Benjamin Roßkopf - Pre-University Paper - English - Miscellaneous - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay. At the end of the 1920s, after the last known massacre of Whites to Aborigines, the authorities argued that the Aborigines were in danger of extinction, anyway, but they said, everyone with white blood had to be saved.<sup>10</sup>. Therefore

inquiry into barrier fences in Queensland iv. Agriculture and Environment Committee. Abbreviations. Biosecurity Act. Biosecurity Act 2014. Board review. independent Review of Government Boards, Committees and Statutory. Authorities. BSC . to render it dog-proof. However, the current wild dog fence stems from a proposal in 1948 to establish a barrier fence in order to protect actual or potential sheep-producing regions. The fence was subsequently built by landholders (using

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Doris Pilkington's book Follow the Rabbit-Proof fence (1996) is a biographical account of the removal of three young girls, the oldest of which, Pilkington's mother, would have been the same age as the adolescent Coonardoo, from the north-west region of Western Australia, and their trek back to their homelands. It constitutes a 'writing back' to Coonardoo's troubling and conflicted account of the intersubjective 'contact' zone of colonialism. I would like to offer some

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